What is Drop Shipping, and What is a Drop Shipper?



  • In this blog post, you will be clear what is drop shipping, and what is drop shipper.
  • Get understanding about drop shipping and how you can make money from it.
  • Where to start and how to find drop shippers.


What is drop shipping what is a drop shipper?

  • Drop shipping is a business model where you can sell your products to customers and you do not need to have any inventory.
  • Drop shipping is when a company stocks the items, and sends them directly to your customers.
  • Usually when you want to start an E-commerce business, you need to have an online store, and you have to purchase stock. You then need to send individual items to your customers. It means you need to buy stock in advance.
  • Drop shipping business lets you skip this step. When a customer order an item from you, you contact directly with the drop shipping company (otherwise known as a drop shipper) and order the item from them. They will then send this item directly to your customer.
  • This removes the risk from buying and selling online.


How do I make money from this business model?

  • You need to open up an online store and sell items you can drop ship.
  • Mark-up the prices to make a profit (usually by 10-50%).
  • A popular place to open an online store is eBay and Amazon.


Where to start and how to find drop shippers?

  • There are a lot of drop shippers in China that can’t be trusted. They will take your money and not send you items, or send you illegitimacy items that are illegal.
  • The easiest way to find drop shippers that you can trust is through dropping Software
  • The popular dropping software: Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and SaleHoo.
  • Amazon is one of the know-well drop shipping program and all one needs is a reseller account as opposed to having your own online store.
  • eBay like Amazon is also the know-well drop shipping program, it might be very successful if you use the right tools and software to automate most of your processes given that you won’t be handling products directly.
  • AliExpress is one of the very popular retail platform and this is primarily due to the AliExpress’ prices are so low that you can multiply them by 10 and still have the best offers in your market.
  • SaleHoo is an online directory that has over 8,000+ drop shippers, wholesalers and liquidators. Using a directory like SaleHoo is good because you can ensure you will be dealing with verified suppliers you can trust.



Drop shipping is one of the fastest ways to make easy, risk-free income. The only things you need to start up a drop shipping business, you need to choose drop shipping software and tools not only make it much easier to operate your store, but work best for you. Some online entrepreneurs choose Amazon because their reputation and products ’quality; however, so many online entrepreneurs are keen to start a drop shipping business with AliExpress because their low-cost products and the large inventory suppliers always have.