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Price : 15 $
Date : 12/09/2019

Hostel is very well located, plenty of food choices around and shops, less than 10 min walk to the Pub Street and not even 5′ min a nice and very cheap food market where you can get plates for $1.5. The hostel is clearly more targeted to party people, the common area is all about that, the pool is nice, the music too and not too loud, they stopped by 11 which is pretty decent for those that want to sleep, they serve drinks and food, not too pricey and the staff there tries to engage people with the vibe. They also have very nice discounted tours to the temples that everyone was buying. Where the hostels falls is in the rooms, clearly old and things are broken or damaged, nothing horrible but it definitely needs some investment, they barely have common showers or toilets and the room had both in the same place so if anyone takes a shower everyone has to wait, also there is no “quiet area” if you want to seat or need a quiet place with your laptop, reading or whatever.

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